Moulding Master formula for "THE LOOK" is using "chunky" size moulding throughout the public areas of the house, using contrasting color on the walls to give the moulding its best look. This pulls a house together and creates flow.

Moulding, casing, doors and baseboards and paint are an affordable way to present a house for sale, helping the home owners protect their investment while enjoying the upbeat, fresh look of their home.

Mark and Rosie Benda decided to freshen up their ranch style house using their Moulding Master formula. "It's such a nice way to live" says Molding Master Mark. Every day they enjoy the relaxed beauty and child friendly surfaces of their home. Fingerprints wipe away from the semigloss casings and scratches are easily painted over.


Mark explains the selection of mouldings used in his home and how to maximize the effect of a renovation throughout.  

Detail of Pediment over sliding door featuring the "thingy" - an extra piece of moulding placed in the center as an accent.


  Again, a pediment gives the window just a nicer proportion and look.


  • 4 and 5/8 inch Single Bead Crown
  • 3 and 1/2 inch fat Santa Fe Door Casings & Windows
  • 13/37" Estates baseboard

Window with shade drawn offers relief from hot California sun. Pediment topping casing adds emphasis.



This whimsical room for Mark's boys shows Moulding Masters at their creative best. It's all done with moulding - and a little imagination!


Detail of bathroom window.

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