The owner requested bigger mouldings to finish the look of her elegant new home. Moulding Masters provided a Double Crown which was a challenge in this home with dramatic raked ceilings. The results are beautiful, providing a crisp, bright line flowing throughout the home. Note that the neutral paint colors have enough intensity to provide a good contrast to the semigloss of the mouldings. Flat ceiling paint is used throughout.

Mark recommends using a consistent combination of baseboards, mouldings and casings throughout the public areas of the house, moving to smaller sizes in the smaller rooms. Avoid mixing and matching these elements.



4 and 1/2" Santa Fe baseboard stacked with 5" Colonial Crown on Top


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Flexible Arch Moulding used in the Dining Room and Entry Hall

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      Tip: On the rounded corners in the kitchen, Mark created fluted corners for the double crown, creating a soft, graceful curve complementing the round corners.