People sometimes think an area cannot have crown moulding due to irregular ceilings or irregular wall joinings. Actually, these problem areas usually work out to be design highlights as seen in these samples. We do this by "capping off" the moulding. The customer below chose capping as one of her favorite elements in her renovation - see photos and video below.

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Capping off the moulding creates detail which add interest to a room. Each moulding angle, turn, and end work together to create accents to the wall colors.

See Video of customer's comments


        Here is special treatment of a bull nose corner, popular in new homes. Moulding Masters created a extra piece of moulding to emphasize the bull nose. (Enlarged view not available.)   Another approach using a 90 degree cut.  

Here is an example of moulding crossing over a fireplace with a raked ceiling angle - the white moulding looks beautiful against brick. The elegant white mouldings against brick on lower right two photos are from White River Hardwood and can be ordered through Moulding Masters.  
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