This installation was done with an international art collection, chandeliers, draperies and furniture in place. The owner wanted the final touch for her vaulted ceilings - and asked Moulding Masters to select and install crown moulding.

Mark selected6.5 inch LUCINDA crown moulding for the complex challenge which included Double and Triple Miters. Mark comments in the video that on jobs like this power planing is done on the back of the moulding to help reshape it to accommodate the complex angles.


1. Selecting the crown and calculating time

2. Replacing small crown in the Great Room



Today, whether the decorating scheme is modern, traditional or period, the addition of crown moulding improves the look of the room.

Decorators removed mouldings in the 1970s but today's home buyer wants as much as he can get for his dollar - and crown moulding enjoys a high perceived value, making homes easier to sell.




In this room the owner asked Moulding Masters to replace the 3.75 inch moulding with the 7.5 inch LUCINDA used in the living and dinning rooms.


The neutral color scheme is enlivened by an international art collection displayed throughout the house. Works from Africa, Asia and Europe are displayed with decorative fabrics with contemporary patterns, treated with traditional draping.

The installation of crown moulding pulls the rooms together, giving a wonderful final touch to the home.




The Moulding Masters crew really deserves mention for two aspects of this job

  • the challenge of the raked ceilings and double and triple miters
  • meticulous work habits enable them to complete this job with the art collection and decorative elements in place.



The final beauty of each project is created by the details. Attention to details and the ability to handle technical challenges makes Moulding Masters able to deliver these projects on time and within budget, exceeding the owner's expectations.