In our display room we used
  • 3 layers of crown moulding stacked for the dramatic accents on the left
  • a small window placed at an intersection of the top edge
  • pediments used at the top and bottom of the window, with an inserted center piece
  • See our New Show Room Colors for 2005!!!

LEFT: Details of stacked crowns

RIGHT: End of cornice over window


Interior Sample Room with moulding shelf & wainscoating - click to enlarge


Top Left: Center piece of window casing pediment

Bottom Left: People sometimes think ending a moulding is a problem, but actually the ends are usually quite interesting to look at and make very nice accents. These end caps are one of the owner's favorite parts of her renovation.

Right: End of pediment on top of window casing


See these same sample rooms repainted by Color Consultant Victor Cohen Stuart.

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